Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Great Change is Coming

We see it everywhere... the newspapers, TV and the faces of our neighbors "a great change is coming... the time of greed and fear draws to a close"

Yes, change is coming. But what changes? And when?

I agree that raising our consciousness, and focusing on and communicating from "Love" are key to the shift. But fear is the antithesis of love, and there is a great deal of fear.

I was just discussing a healing model with a friend, who pointed-out that when people are at their most fearful or the point of highest stress and anxiety, you can't expect them to change (or rather you can, but probably won't get the desired result).

Change is itself stressful. So you have to either calm people and support them in their change, or wait until THEY feel ready. Or leave the others behind, which I question whether that would be the most "loving" thing to do.

There are always thought leaders who are usually the strongest and most visible advocates for the change. And then, there are those who quietly go about the work of supporting people when and where possible.

This is where I see myself. I am not a thought leader or trail blazer, but I am able to support people lovingly.

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