Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Learning Divination

Some one asked me an interesting question about psychic readings. She said, "So is it divination with the tarot that you practice? Do you think that just anyone has the ability to 'learn?' I know that we all have hidden psychic skills that have been blunted by time and our ever decreasing need to use them... as we are not the hunted any more.. but do you think that everyone can bring them out?"

Yes, I do think everyone can learn to do divination. We are all connected to the Source through our higher consciousness.
But the biggest hurdle is actually "believing" that we can do it. What we expect to happen,or what we want to happen, is often disrupted by what we believe will happen.

If you want to learn to read the "Shaman Stones" or the "Tarot Cards" you will work on the
techniques and develop the skills only if you believe you are capable of doing divination. The curious thing is that we can hold 2 mutually exclusive or conflicting beliefs at the same time, and we don't recognize that we do this. You may believe for instance that everyone has innate psychic skills but that you yourself aren't psychic. If you aren't, then 'everyone' doesn't have them but if everyone does, then you must also.

Follow this link to learn to do psychic readings with Shaman Stones.