Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Choose Joy!

The Human Organism is hardwired to move toward joyful/healing energy and away from negative/painful energy. It's probably related to the "Fight or Flight" response which originates in our Lizard Brain, (Brain Stem).

As far as things like Tarot Cards, Lottery Tickets and Love relationships are concerned, I've always been a conscientious observer: I've done readings with Tarot Cards, I've bought lottery tickets and have had serious/meaningful long-term relationships, but if you ask me to guarantee the outcome I can't. That's because, although I concede that "things happen for a reason,"I don't believe that everything is "predestined." My ex-wife and I were no more "meant to be together" than we were "meant to break-up."

I believe we are given choices that can either help us uncover more about our authentic selves (what we are drawn to or replused from) or allow us to follow the same patterns that have repeatedly held us back. We are free to choose to either grow or not.

If I'm chronically late (which I am), and my boss, deciding that it's disrespectful, "fires my ass," (which has happened to me before), at what point do I choose a more useful pattern? And perhaps the more interesting question: "How do I choose what I choose?"

It seems that we make Emotional choices. I can be fired from a hundred jobs I don't like and it won't have as much impact as getting a reprimand at a job I really like. Or to put it another way, I can be late for a movie with a buddy and it won't bother me, but if my girlfriend breaks-up with me because I arrived late for the theatre again after I promised her "I won't be late this time," it will cause me a great emotional upset. Happily, my girlfriend isn't that up-tight, but look at that motive. I choose to change when the negative consequence is sufficiently painful. I chose to turn away from an aspect of my personality, because it was an emotional liability.

How do we choose a mate? Same way, but different.

Here's why "chemistry" is so important. There's this BIG emotional charge that pulls us toward a change in our patterns of behaviour. But it's a positive charge. We're so turned-on to the benefits, (love, approval, sex) that we almost don't consider the down-side, (obligation, loss of freedom).

We should choose a career the same way. To do the work, to study, to practice, these take discipline. And that kind of discipline comes from loving what you do. Or, loving who you are becoming.

We should make all of our choices this way. Love what you do. Choose from a place of Joy.