Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inner Reality -Exploring Transformation

There's the everyday reality in which we have lives, careers, families, friends and lovers, where we eat and sleep and make love but there are also these inner worlds. The inner worlds are the worlds of things hidden, of the indigenous mystic where the laws of cause and effect don't work in the same way. The transformational community consists of people who understand that it's possible for individuals like us to learn how to access these inner worlds for power, for protection and for support.

These are folks who know that within these inner worlds, there are personalities, there are beings, the indigenous people call them spirits, and these are compassionate forces which are willing to come into relationship with human beings in order to help us in various ways. But first we have to turn in their direction and ask them to do so.

These are people who know that everything is connected to everything else. And that underlying the fabric of reality that we all take so much for granted, there is a net or a grid or a matrix of power. This is one of the signatures of our consciousness age, the awareness of these interconnections between everyone and everything everywhere. It's creating an emerging sub-culture which is increasingly finding its voice in the time in which we live.

Hank Wesselman PhD.